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Beautiful. Sexy. Playful. Visual. Artful. Fun.

Pretty strong adjectives to use for web design don't you think?

A beautifully designed web site should invoke the same feeling that a piece of art would. The pixels on the screen lay out in a way that stirs the deepest emotions. How does your web site look on an iPad or mobile device? Does the web design respond to the size of the screen it's being viewed on? If not, it should.  Over 50% of people will view your site for the first time on a mobile device.  Responsive design is not a "nice to have", it should be a number one requirement.

Your ultimate goal should be to create a clear call-to-action for your visitors. Guide them. Sell them. Give your visitors a reason to keep investigating; not close you down after the average "three-second once over".  Stand out from the other guys.  Don't just copy what everyone else has done.  Being different matters, especially on the web.

What are your visitors going to think or feel when they land on your little chunk of the Internet?  Will they still be there after 3 seconds?  Get in touch to hear more

Web design for real people