my process

dustin ver beek web project four step processSit Down. Let’s Talk Process.

Nothing excites me more than sitting down with you and helping guide you through my web project process. Contrary to what people believe, the web does not have to be so darn complicated. People have made a lot money making everyone think that. If you’re looking for complicated and painful, I’m not your guy.

Simply speaking, there are four steps to any web marketing project.


The Think step is where we strategize together and determine what you’re trying to accomplish. I learn about your brand and what you’re about. I ask some simple questions.  We’ll talk about today and we’re you would like to be in the future.  We’ll brainstorm and “mind map” what the future may look like.


Here’s where we put our thoughts onto paper and where I create a scope of work. I’ll document key deliverable dates and we’ll work together on a plan that’s at the right speed for you. If you’re happy-I’m happy.

You visual folks will like the fact that I’ll make a mock up of the proposed output(s) here also.

Also, we’ll figure out who’s doing what and be sure everyone is comfortable with their role in the project.  Some people like to be very hands-on, others don’t.  It’s okay, I’ll get the job done either way.


Sit back and watch the content magic happen. Oh yes, I said magic. All of my creations follow very simple, yet effective strategies. All my sites and blogs are optimized according to best-in-class techniques. Techniques that resonate with real people, not just designer-types.  We’ll work through a site design and tweak it to your personal tastes.


Depending on what we created, we’ll have dozens of ways to promote it online.

Whether it be a simple website submission, e-mail campaign or acquisition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media strategy, or a complex Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan, whatever the case, we’ll get “it” out there for your target market.

We’ll re-evaluate and re-tune when you’re comfortable.