Who I Am

The Dustin Ver Beek Family

My name is Dustin Ver Beek and I’m the guy to blame for the Un-Better Half Blog.

I’m 38 and reside in Zeeland, Michigan with my three lovely kids, Brooklyn (age 9), and twins Samantha and Maxwell (age 4).

Dustin & Lindy Ver Beek on Wedding Day, Aug 22, 1998, Image Credit-Bill TimmerMy wife Lindy had terminal stage IV cancer. Her breast cancer metastasized to her brain in 2010. In late July, she was given a year to live. She passed away September 14, 2012.

This is where I try to process life and my thoughts. In a sense, this is a little part of my brain online for you to objectify. These thoughts are raw and unedited. I do not attend to offend, rather, capture the emotions that we/I are feeling before/after we lost a young wife and mother. Forgive me, but I don’t sugar coat what I’m feeling—it’s not part of my nature.

To pay the bills, I work in E-marketing for Herman Miller. I’ve been involved in E-business in one form or another since Al Gore invented the Internet.