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Aliens Amongst You

Right after high school graduation, instead of immediately going to off to college, a friend and I bolted off to backpack Europe for three months.  We zig-zagged Europe, moving from city to city and country to country.  It was every … Continue reading

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Summer is Fading

A church friend lost his wife over the weekend after a brief, but intense, battle with cancer. Linda was 52. She left behind a husband, special needs daughter and a teenage son. Most everyone found out the news at church … Continue reading

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Stop the Clock

There are days where I wish I could stop the clock.   I wish I could slow time to the point at which a month lasts at least a year or a day is equal to a month.   I’d take either.  … Continue reading

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Letter To Cancer

Dear Cancer, It’s that time again.  It’s time to see if you’re going to show your ugly face.  Time for Lindy to get another brain MRI at U of M.  Time to be consumed with worry.  I hate you and … Continue reading

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