Love, Loss, & Life 2.0

The last few months have really zipped by.  We’ve been settling into our new routine and learning what works and what doesn’t.  The kids continue to amaze me with their resiliance and positive attitudes.  They’re crying alot less and I truly believe we’re all healing;  since God is supplying the grace we need to move forward.    Enter Life 2.0.  In so many ways, we’re starting completely over again.

Last night, Brooklyn sensed I was sad so while I was giving the twins their bath, she put together a surprise for me.  After drying the kids off and doing the bedtime routines she led me into the dining room (with eyes closed and everything).  There on the table stood a plate with Swiss Cake Rolls, hot chocolate with marshmallows, candy canes, and a couple Hershey’s kisses.  Next to neatly folded napkin and spoon was a little letter scratched out on Post-It-Notes telling me how much she loves me and what a good Dad I am.  More importantly, there was her special little picture of Lindy she keeps on her nightstand.  She knew I needed that time to stop.  We cried together.  It was a poignant moment I’ll never forget.

Brooklyn's Surprise

Thank you to all who donated money in Lindy’s honor to the kid’s education fund.  I was able to invest $18,000 into their 529 college savings account.  This will bless the kids down the road in such a meaningful way.  Lindy would’ve liked that a whole bunch.

enter life 2.0

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5 Responses to Love, Loss, & Life 2.0

  1. Megan VK says:

    Wow, what a sweet girl. A treasured moment for sure.

  2. Karen Boersema says:

    Praise God for sensitive sweet Brooklyn, and how He used her to speak to you. Thanks for sharing. Still praying.

    Karen B.

  3. Amy Sluiter says:

    sweet Brooklyn! And you are an amazing Dad! We continue to pray for you each day to be filled wtih God’s peace that passes understanding.

  4. c says:

    I literally was just praying for your family this morning. This post brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet daughter you have. Will keep praying.

  5. Cheryl Veldhuis says:

    I have thought of u guys often and sent up some flare prayers. It’s funny how grief counselors help u prepare and plan for holidays etc , but little things u miss catch your healing heart off guard.
    The other day I was looking for a can of cream of mushroom soup. All I could find was tomato. Our son was faking reading in 2nd grade and he brought me tomato instead of cream of mushroom that was how I figured it out.
    I must admit tho, hot cocoa and candy cane with a sticky is great. I think remembering that when tough times creep up will always bring a smile

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