Letters To God

Dear Lord and Pease Take The Canswer Away

I found these two letters to God laying around with Brooklyn’s drawings.  They’re randomly mixed in with pictures of princesses, cats and castles.  She doesn’t know that I’ve been sneaking them and scanning them in for her to see later.   They’re a touching testiment to the strength of a little girl’s faith and her desire for her Mom to be free of cancer.

We’ve decided to wait to start treatments for the lung cancer until after the summer.  Our goal is to pack in as much fun into the next few months as we can and try to pretend we’re normal again.  Thank you to all for your love, notes and prayers as we make everyday count. 

Lord, Take Care of Mother With Cancer

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2 Responses to Letters To God

  1. Anita says:

    Brooklyn has such a beautiful heart! I love her faith and trust in God. You and Lindy are such great parents too.

  2. Ishwor says:

    Awww! This is Tracy Meyer, my son Brandon is in the same class as Brooklyn. When we took her to Meijer Gardens she made the kids two books, we so enjoyed them! She is quite the aitsrt and author. That is so great that Brooklyn possesses the gift of thoughtfulness towards her classmates. Thats one of the things that makes her so special! The Meyer Family is sending Lindy many prayers in this next week! We think about all of you daily!

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